Eulalia Pérez Sedeño

Email: eulalia.psedeno [at]
Phone: (+34) 916022844
Office: 3B8
Profesora de Investigación de OPIS
Instituto de Filosofía
Departamento de Ciencia, tecnología y sociedad
Group: Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad (CTS)

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Eulalia Pérez Sedeño/ February, 2011

CSIC, Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Science, Technology and Society, Madrid. Spain

Present Position: Research Professor in  Science, Technology and Gender. President of the Society of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, the Spanish section of DLMPS (April, 2000-November, 2006). Vice-president of AMIT (Association of Female Researchers and Technologists (2002-2007). Coordinator for Philology and Philosophy of Spain's National Agency for Evaluation and Prospective, of the Ministry for Education and Science (2005-2007). General Management Director of Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (2006-2008). Member of the Advisory Board of the Chair-Network of Women, Science and Technology in Latin America (since October, 2005). Member of the Commission “Women and Science” at CSIC.

Education and Professional Experience:Degree in Philosophy and  Arts (Licenciatura en Filosofía y Letras) from Universidad Autónoma of Madrid (UAM) in 1976.  Ph. D. in Philosophy by UAM in 1985. Lecturer at Barcelona University (1977-1983) and Complutense University of Madrid, UCM (1983-1986); Assistant Professor (1986-1999) of Logic and Philosophy of Science at UCM.  Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science (1999-2002) at University of Basque Country. Since November 2002, Professor at CSIC.

 Research Experience:Director of the following Researchs financing with public funds: Science and Values: Gender in Institutions and Scientific Theories”(1996-1999); From Scientific Theories to scientific and technological practices and culture (1999-2002); Gender, Science and Technology in Iberoamerica (2000-2001); The situation of women in Spanish educational System (2003); Social perception of Science and Technology: Stereotypes and Prospectives in Middle and High School Students (2005); Formation and Mobility Programs for Researchers in Spain:Problems, Challenges and Solutions (2005); STS Interactions in Biosocial Sciences and Medical Technologies (2004-2006); Science and Technologies of the body from a STS perspective (2007-2009); A singular situation: gender and astronomy in Spain(2009-2010); Cartographies of the body: Biopolitics of science and technology (2010-2012). She has research at Cambridge University, U.K. (January-July, 1988), UNAM, México (1989), University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (2002), University of California at Berkeley (1994-1995). She has given several courses and has supervised graduate and post-graduate research projects. She has also given specialized courses and lectures at many universities, in Spain and elsewhere. She is a member of the editorial or advisory board of scientific journals such as Ludus Vitalis (México), Clepsydra (Spain), Laguna (Spain), Revista Iberoamericana  de Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad (Argentina, México, España), Revista CTS+I (Organization of Iberoamerican Countries for Education, Science and Culture), Recerca. Revista de Pensament i anàlisi (Spain).

Research Interests: History and Philosophy of Science; Science and Values; Science, Technology and Society; and specially in Science, Technology and Gender

Publications: Author and editor or co-editor of several scientific books, she has participated in monographs and published more than 80 research articles. In addition, she has translated into Spanish a number of English works.

Selected Contributions of the Past Ten Years:

  • La situación de las mujeres en el sistema educativo de ciencia y tecnología en España y en su contexto internacional" MEC (REF: S2/EA2003-0031).

  • (with Santesmases, M.J. y Alcalá, P.)  Mujer y Ciencia/ Women and science, FECYT,

  • Ciencia, tecnología y valores desde una perspectiva de género ( Arbor, Vol 181, No 716, 2005),

  • (with  A. Gómez)  Igualdad y equidad en ciencia y tecnología: el caso iberoamericano(Arbor, Vol. 184, No 733,  2008)

  • "Mitos, creencias, valores: cómo hacer más «científica» la ciencia; cómo hacer la «realidad» más real", ISEGORÍA. Revista de Filosofía Moral y Política, N.º 38, enero-junio, 2008, pp. 77-100    

  • (with M. Cimoli, eds.)  Conocimiento e innovación (Pensamiento Iberoamericano, vol. 5, 2009).

  •  (with A. Kiczkowski) Un Universo por descubrir: Género y astronomía en España, Madrid – México, Plaza y Valdés.


  • (with P. Lorenzano, eds.), Lenguaje y ciencia, Arbor, Vol 187, No 747 (2011)

  • (with Rebeca IIbañez): Cuerpos y diiferencias, Madrid-Mexico, Plaza y Valdés, 2012.

  • (with Maria José Miranda Suárez): "Crossings on Public Perception of Biomedicine: Spain and European IIndicators"