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José L. Oviedo Pro is PhD in Economics (Universidad de Cádiz, 2007), and former PhD student at the Institute of Economics and Geography (IEG), CSIC. Since 2009, he is científico titular (associate research professor) at CSIC, where he does his research work at the Institute of Public Goods and Policies (IPP). He is a permanent member of the Group of Environmental Economic Analysis (GEA) of the IPP-CSIC, and a collaborator of the Rangeland Ecology Group of the University of California, Berkeley.

His main research line is focused on the econometric analysis of methodological and applied aspects of discrete choice experiments (also known as choice modeling). The empirical context of this research line covers three topics: (i) the application of stated preferences techniques for the valuation of environmental services and their integration in ecosystem accounting; (ii) the analysis of revealed and stated preferences in land use decision and land use change models; and (iii) laboratory experiments for the analysis of cognitive and decision processes that allow for a better understanding and application of these techniques when used for environmental valuation. This research has been developed in the economic analysis of Mediterranean forest (Spain, California, Portugal and Tunisia) and it has been explored in their application to the valuation of the environmental services of coastal wetlands.

Selected publications

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