Marta Fraile Maldonado

Email: marta.fraile [at]
Phone: (+34) 916022946
Extensión Interna: 441477
Office: 3D8
Científica Titular de OPIS
Instituto de Políticas y Bienes Públicos
Departamento de Economía y Política
Group: Ciudadanos e Instituciones (CIP)

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Scientific Output

She holds a PhD on Social Sciences (EUI). She is permanent Research Felow at CSIC (IPP) since 2007. She has held teaching and research positions at  Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Juan March Institute (CEACS, Madrid), Scuola Superiore Sant' Anna (Pisa), Central European University (Budapest), and Europen University Institute (EUI). Since 2017 she holds the National Certification for the role of full Professor in Political Science (Abilitazione Italiana professore ordinario-di prima fascia all’unanimità). In 2019 she ha has been awarded the Gordon Smith and Vincent Wright Memorial Prize

Marta Fraile is a political scientist and her research spans across the fields of public opinion, media effects, political participation and gender & politics. She is currently working on the different mechanisms explaining gender differences in psycological political involvement. Currently she participates in two research projects related to this topic (Proteica: and  GENPOL:

Marta Fraile has a solid record of publications in top journals from the disciplines of Political Science, Sociology, and Communication such as British Journal of Political Science, Electoral Studies, European Journal of Political Research, European Union Politics, International Political Science Review, International Journal of Press Politics, Political Psychology, Political Research Quarterly, Politics & Gender, West European Politics, among others