Welfare Attitudes in a Changing Europe

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Main researcher at the IPP-CSIC: Professor Luis Moreno.
Other IPP-CSIC researchers: PhD. Javier Moreno-Fuentes, PhD. Inés Calzada, PhD. María Gómez.
Principal researchers of national teams: Project Leader: Professor Stefan Svallfors, Umeå University, Sweden; Dutch team: Professor Wim Van Oorschot, Tilburg University, The Netherlands; Finish team: Professor Helena Blomberg, University of Helsinki, Finland; German team: Professor Steffen Mau, University of Bremen (GSSS), Germany; Swedish team: Professor Stefan Svallfors; Swiss team: PhD. Christian Staerklé, University of Lausanne, Switzerland; US team: Professor Clem Brooks, Indiana University, United States of America.

The WAE project aims to set up a comprehensive research programme on citizens’ attitudes towards welfare policies across European countries. The research focuses on the interactions between individual welfare attitudes, social values, institutional contexts and structural variables. The project is expected to provide essential input to the interdisciplinary field of comparative studies of welfare state attitudes and to offer critical insights for the public legitimacy of welfare state reform. The project is mainly based on data from a new module for the European Social Survey 2008, Welfare Attitudes in a Changing Europe.

Within this framework, the Spanish contribution to WAE sheds light on the complex interplay between values, attitudes to the WS and welfare regimes.

The main questions to be addressed are:

  1. To what extent the distribution of basic social values corresponds with a taxonomy or grouping of European welfare regimes.
  2. To what extent each welfare regime is characterized by a particular axiology.
  3. Is there a common axiological ground of the “European Social Model”?.

Research tasks include the operationalization of an index of social values related to welfare, the subsequent mapping of values across Europe, and the multilevel analysis of values associated with support for the WS across countries and welfare regimes.

Keywords: welfare attitudes, social values, welfare regimes.
Funding agency: MICIIN (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)
Budget: 150.000 euros
Duration of the project: March 2009 - April 2013.


Libro: La Europa asocial. Crisis y estado del bienestar (link: http://www.planetadelibros.com/la-europa-asocial-libro-110809.html)

La Europa asocial. Crisis y estado del bienestar.pdf

Artículo: "Regímenes de bienestar y valores en Europa", REIS, 2013, 141: 61-90.

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