About IPP

The Institute of Public Goods and Policies (IPP) is one of the institutes of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in the area of social sciences. It is located in Madrid.

IPP research focuses on the comparative analysis and understanding of the nature of public goods, the design and implementation of public policies, and the interaction of both, seeking to contribute to the advancement of our knowledge about the relation between society, markets and the State.

IPP research projects are funded from national and international sources, notably competitive national R&D and European Framework projects, as well as research contracts and agreements with public and private institutions. IPP tenured researchers, post-doctoral researchers, PhD students, together with technical and support staff aim at producing knowledge valued by the international scientific community but also relevant to other social actors, including firms, civil society associations, institutions and governments.

The IPP integrates six research groups: I) Environmental Economics; II) Rural Geography; III) Citizens, Institutions and Policy; IV) Social Policies and Welfare State; V) SPRI–Systems and Policies for Research and Innovation; and VI) Scientometrics.