Regional Integration Beyond the European Experience: Latin America and Asia

Academy of Global Governance-European University Institute, Villa Schifanoia - Sala Belvedere, Via Boccaccio, 121 (Florencia, Italia)

"Integration" means different things to different actors in different contexts. Whilst the EU has been the pioneer and, usually, the paradigm, actors in other schemes and areas challenge the validity of referring to a “model” either to model their own instruments and/or to evaluate achievements. Rather, the argument is made that integration schemes are ad hoc creations, tailor made to suit specific national realities and international contexts. Thus, the purpose of this Executive Training Seminar is to discuss integration schemes on the basis of their own merits, their own goals and their own achievements. Specifically, it will focus on integration in Latin America and Asia and the most significant integration schemes in each area, i.e. MERCOSUR/UNASUR and ASEAN respectively (but not exclusively).
Scientific Coordinator: Carlos Closa Montero (Institute for Public Goods and Policies – CSIC)


Contact: tommaso.rooms [at]
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