Isomorphism, demand and ideology in public policy. Forums for immigrant integration in 15 Regions of Spain

Julio 2011
Instituto de Políticas y Bienes Públicos (IPP) CSIC, Working Paper. 2011-09

David H. Corrochano

This paper defining the causes which underlie a public policy: Forum for immigrant participation. Little is known about the specific motivations which lead different governments’ decisions to institute such policies. This process cannot only refer to the theoretical objectives, but must consider the context in which certain Governments are brought to implement such policies while others do not. Hear submits a comparative analysis of 15 regional Immigration Forums in Spain. The aim is to verify that their creation responds to three variables: institutional isomorphism, response to demand and ideology. The conclusion is that normative variables and demand alone cannot explain the implementation but must be considered in conjunction with ideological motivation and the political context.