Robotization and Welfare Scenarios

Junio 2019

Luis Moreno

This paper contributes to the ongoing discussion about the impact of robotization on
welfare democracies. It advances conjectures on possible future scenarios following the
examination of past trajectories. The context of analysis is that corresponding to welfare
capitalism in the Western hemisphere. An historical examination of the three Ages of
Welfare (Golden, 1945-75; Silver, 1976, 2017; and Bronze, 2008--?) provides the
historical bases with the purpose of pondering prospective scenarios. Arguably, the
structural economic overturn brought about by robotization and related technologies
will challenge substantially the provision of social welfare as we have known it until
now. Among the various shocks induced by industry 4.0, robotization they will have
far-reaching implications for labour markets, employment and welfare arrangements.
Neo-feudalism practices and the eventual implementation of minimum income schemes
are identified as contrasting future trends.