Welcome to IPP

The Institute of Public Goods and Policies (IPP) is an interdisciplinary research institute of the Spanish National Research Council, CSIC. The IPP is dedicated to analysing some of the most pressing issues and challenges of the 21st century, including, among others, widening social inequalities, sustainability and climate change, rapid technological change, increasing migration and ethnic diversity, and rising political polarisation and the questioning of core democratic principles. Advancing our understanding of these interconnected challenges and of how societies – through their institutions, organisations and public policies – (can) respond to them requires novel interdisciplinary research. This implies combining cutting-edge scientific knowledge from economics, political science, sociology, and science and technology studies, and integrating experimental, observational and in-depth qualitative methodologies.  

Based in Madrid, IPP aims to enhance scientific excellence and social impact by implementing innovative theoretical and methodological approaches that strictly adhere to ethical standards, enhance transparency in research practices, and facilitate effective communication of findings. The overarching goal is to generate scientific, policy and socially-relevant knowledge that advances our understanding of human behaviour and societal structures in addressing our times’ most pressing societal challenges.

To fulfil this goal, IPP is organised in 7 thematic groups and 5 cross-cutting Research Clusters: ‘Inequality and Welfare States’, ‘Sustainability’, ‘Science, Innovation and Social Change’, ‘Migration and Diversity’, and ‘Democracy and Democratic Resilience’

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