Oferta de contrato en el marco de un proyecto de investigación sobre Fabricación Aditiva (Additive Manufacturing - AM)

Martes, 04 Enero, 2022

In this project, we study the adoption of additive manufacturing as part of the called fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0. Additive manufacturing (AM) is an emergent disruptive technology with the potential to change the future of manufacturing. The question that we will address is if and to what degree new disruptive technologies like additive manufacturing can bring employment back to rural places and help reduce social and spatial inequalities.

Job description & responsibilities:
The main duties of the post holder will include:
1. Develop and carry out theoretically informed and empirically grounded research focusing on the project topic, in particular regarding the relationship between the diffusion of advanced manufacturing technologies and the rural-urban spatial structure.
2. Participate in the design of a stated preference survey.
3. Develop and implement advanced data statistical modelling, including the analysis of stated preference survey data.
4. Contribute to the preparation of academic papers and presentations.

Enquiries about the vacancy: Dr Adelheid Holl

Dpto. de Ciencia e Innovación
Sistemas y Políticas de Investigación e Innovación (SPRI)