Programa de visitantes

Institute of Public Goods and Policies (CSIC- IPP), Madrid, Spain

Short-term Visiting Fellows Program

The Institute of Public Goods and Policies of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC-IPP) welcomes applications of its Short-Term Visiting Fellows Program.

The program aims to facilitate and promote international research collaborations and co-authorship of IPP researchers. Preference will thus be given to applicants affiliated to foreign universities or research institutions.

Visiting researchers should collaborate with IPP researchers on research projects related to active research lines of the Institute. The research carried out at IPP is focused on the analysis of public goods in the broad sense (environment, science and innovation, education, social welfare, etc.) and the design and implementation of related public policies using economic, policy, sociological and scientometric research approaches ( 

The IPP short-term visiting fellows program offers office space; access to the library; and support to cover travel and accommodation expenses in Madrid during the time of the visit (up to a maximum of 2.000 Euros per visitor).

Applications should be submitted to and include:

- CV of the applicant
- acceptance of the IPP researcher(s) the candidate is expecting to work with
- short outline of the research to be carried out (max. 500 words)
- proposed date of arrival
- proposed length of the visit

Evaluation of proposals and candidates will be based on their merits and the contribution to the IPP research agenda. Priority will be given to candidates who have not benefited from the program before.

Disclaimer: This call is made in accordance to Spanish Administrative Law, and is subject to regulations and decisions made by Spanish Authorities.