TWICEASGOOD. Twice as Hard, Half as Good? Women Candidates’ Experience of Sexism on the Campaign Trail

IP: Susan Banducci, University of Exeter

(Marta Fraile es responsible del estudio en España)

Duración: 2021-2025

Referencia: 101019284

What are women’s pathway to political office? To better understand women's political participation it is important to understand how and under which conditions sexism by voters, media and political parties, actual and anticipated, can lead women candidates to alter campaign behavior and strategies. For the proposed programme of research in TWICEASGOOD, we reconceptualize the “gender penalty” faced by women candidates to take into account their everyday experiences on the campaign trail. We aim to understand the ways in which women candidates anticipate and counter these everyday experiences by being “twice as good”, in order to achieve electoral success.