González Cava, M, y Pavone V. (2021). La narrativa altruista como condición necesaria para la construcción de un negocio en torno a la donación de óvulos. Trabajo de Fin de Prácticas (TFP).


Marta González Cava y Vincenzo Pavone

The present study addresses the construction of the altruistic rhetoric as a necessary condition for the viability of business models built on egg donation. Through 14 semi-structured interviews carried out with staff of fertility clinics that offer treatments with oocyte donation, this research analyses the factors operating in the process of commercialization of the donor's body, regarding the maintenance of both the legitimacy of the system and the flow of donors willing to fulfil their productive role. In short, this study enables a better understanding of the role of professionals in the construction of the altruistic rhetoric, laying the foundations for future research on the evolution of this discursive context in relation to the improvement of new gamete conservation techniques, such as vitrification.