Seminario IPP: "Energy poverty in Europe: from household vulnerabilities to collective action"

Mié, 19-02-2020; 01:00

ipp190220.jpgPor Sergio Tirado (UAB)

Sala Herbert A. Simon 3D

Organiza: Francisco Herreros (IPP-CSIC)

Wide disparities in domestic energy expenditures, income levels, technologies and infraestructure exist across geographical sclaes and socio-economic groups. These results in energy poverty and inequality (i. e., uneven and inadequate access to domestic energy services) rooted in household-level vulnerabilities, housing energy inefficiency and injustices engrained in domestic energy provision systems. Yet, energy transitions often fail to incorporate the distributional dimensions of final energy use as they aim to reorganise the ways in which societies capture, distribute and use energy. The subsequent risk is that when socio-economic and material inequalities are disregarded, the deployment of low-carbon solutions may deepen pre-existing disparities and create new forms of domestic energy-related deprivation.

sergiotirado.jpgAgainst this background, the seminar will present Sergio's ongoing research on the spaces and politics of energy vulnerability and transitions. Based on a multi-year, multi-scalar investigation of empirical data from Spain and Hungary, it will address key issues around the measuring and conceptualization of energy poverty, the identification of driving factors and the effectiveness of public policy responses. The seminar will also introduce new evidence on household utility debt and disconnections and on the potential of collective action to transform individually experienced conditions of vulnerability into communal forms of solidarity and resistance. Underpinning these efforts is the notion of energy poverty as a primarily political issue that reflects injustices embedded in energy and housing provision arrangements.

Seminario IPP: "Energy poverty in Europe: from household vulnerabilities to collective action"
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